Health Issues of Our Patients

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We are continuously improving Culmore Clinic to better serve our community. In this blog post we have compiled some general information about the health issues our patients face and discuss ways that Culmore Clinic can use this information to improve the lives of our patients.

While we do occasionally catch serious diseases such as Cancer and HIV, most of our patients are just suffering from simple issues which have gone untreated. As our patients are uninsured and often living from paycheck to paycheck, many of them are unaware of how to live healthy lifestyles or the resources available to do so. Many of the issues that bring patients to The Clinic are caused by Diabetes, obesity and heart disease as a result of unhealthy lifestyles.

What does this information mean for Culmore Clinic?

Expanding prevention and patient education is the future of Culmore Clinic. If we were able to instill the values for healthy lifestyles in our patients, many visits to The Clinic could be prevented. Increasing patient education about community resources is important as well. There are many prevention programs and free health resources available to the public that our patients simply aren’t aware off. We once had a couple come in for a checkup that mentioned the stress of taking care of their special needs child. We were able to provide them with resources for a support group and information on raising their child which they previously had no knowledge of.   

For the most part, we currently only have the resources to address these health issues once they are introduced in clinic appointments. In the future, we hope to have the resources to focus on prevention and patient education as well.

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