So Many Ways to Give

Culmore Clinic was named "One of the Best Nonprofits" by Catalogue for Philanthropy (2016 to 2019). We provide compassionate, high quality care to the uninsured with great efficiency by leveraging $1.4 million in donated services and resources each year.

We invite you to donate to us in the following ways:

One-Time Donation

Every single dollar we receive makes a difference for our patients. For only $25, you can fund a counseling session, or for $350 you can support a Diabetes patient for half a year. Please make your tax-deductible, one-time donation through the online form below, or via check by sending it to P.O. Box 8332, Falls Church, VA 22041. We thank you!

I love knowing that my donation is helping those in my community.
— Donor
I am so grateful for Culmore Clinic. I am scared to think what would happen to me without them.
— Patient

Stewardship Circle (Sustaining Gift)


Starting at $21/month, we invite you to join a Stewardship Circle, where your monthly pledge will directly support a key pillar of our work at Culmore Clinic. Similar to a "Sustaining Membership," you will become a major reason we are able to operate.

Just like the concentric rings within a tree, our Stewardship Circles remind us that one person cannot do it alone. Each person allows us to widen our compassion and care for our community. We hope you will join us in this effort, and see how far our branches can reach.

Please browse the Circle options below to find what’s right for you, and fill out the form to join. Thank you!


Stewardship Circle Options:


Fund a full week of medical care for neighbors in need.

$6168/annual donation (or) $514/monthly donation


Fund medication, testing fees and lab results for over 100 patients.

$4440/annual donatiom (or) $370/monthly donation


Fund three months of diabetes Group Visits for 30 patients.

$3600/annual donation (or) $300/monthly donation


Fund two weeks of our electronic medical records system (EMR), ensuring clear communication between providers and patient.

$1200/annual donation (or) $100/monthly donation


Fund medical supplies to ensure appropriate care across 25 patient visits.

$480/annual donation (or) $40/monthly donation


Fund a patient's full year of monthly counseling sessions.

$252/annual donation (or) $21/monthly donation

Estate Gifts

Planning for the inevitable, or deciding how to honor a loved one can be a very emotional and difficult task. However, a way to alleviate the pain and stress can be to imagine how an Estate Gift to Culmore Clinic will serve the lives of countless people after you or your loved one is gone. We are here to help you through this process and would be honored to be the recipient of your generosity. If you’re interested in speaking with us about setting up an estate gift, please fill out this form below and someone will get back to you shortly. We also encourage you to read more about how Julie Ann Kiley’s Estate Gift is currently changing lives here.

Name *
Who would the estate gift be from?

Goods & Services

Throughout the year, we are always in need of the following goods listed below. We also are always looking for community partners to help donate their professional services around our special events or as prizes for our fundraising auctions. Please contact us if you’d like to donate any goods and services. We are so grateful.

  • Postage Stamps (for patient care letters and informational mailings)

  • Sponsor a Printing Project (we often need to make photo copies of forms and flyers. if you have access to a copy machine at your place of work/worship, we often need about 100-300 copies made at a time)

  • STAPLES or OFFICE DEPOT gift cards (for office supplies)

  • TRADER JOES, SAFEWAY or GIANT gift cards (for volunteer appreciation and diabetes class supplies)

  • iPad (for off site interpreters to video in and assist patients - significantly expands our ability to care for patients whose native language is not English)


Amazon Smile


Yet another great way to donate to us is through Amazon Smile. If you order anything through Amazon, you can set up your Amazon Smile account to donate a percentage of each purchase you make to go toward Culmore Clinic. And, why not purchase the items above through your account!?