Success Story for Dr. Smith

dr smith.png

Karen Smith, PhD, a volunteer counselor at Culmore Clinic, recently had the kind of visit therapists hope for, but don’t always get to have. Dr. Smith worked with the client to develop strategies to deal with a volatile spouse who sought to control her freedom and prevent her from seeing her son and grandson. This client came in extremely depressed and tearful, feeling hopeless and afraid and isolated. Dr. Smith had several sessions with the client, developing with her a number of strategies, including  encouraging the client to learn English in order to build choices and opportunity for herself. Karen hadn’t heard from the patient since Christmas last year. This summer, the client made an appointment with Karen, and, without the support of an interpreter, let Karen know (in English) that she was taking classes to master the language, and, had worked out a way to visit her son and grandson without her husband’s interference. The client decided to stick with her marriage, though difficult, but is focused on using skills learned in counseling (and in English classes) to maintain safety and independence in the marriage. 

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