Patient Profile: Marco’s Story

marcos story.png

Marco’s* story highlights the importance of our partners and the impact The Clinic has on the lives of our patients.

Marco experienced intense foot pain for weeks. By the time he came to Culmore Clinic, he was almost unable to perform his job as a busboy- a job he needed to support his family.

Marco was in dire need of a podiatrist. But, specialty care is hard to come by and Culmore Clinic does not have podiatrists on staff. With Marco’s livelihood at stake, our Executive Director, Terry O’Hara Lavoie, began contacting our partners in hopes of locating a specialist. One of the calls made was to our partners at Temple Rodef Shalom where Terry asked Rabbi Amy Schwartzman if there was a podiatrist in her congregation who was willing to treat Marco.

Within 20 minutes Rabbi Amy called back with a specialist from her congregation.

Within a week the specialist met with Marco and performed a basic procedure.

Within a few days of the procedure, Marco was pain free.

We love sharing Marco’s story as it perfectly exemplifies what a large role our partners play in the success of our Clinic. It also shows the importance of our Clinic in the community. Many of our patients have easily treatable conditions like Marco had. But, without Culmore Clinic’s free treatment and referral services, easily treatable conditions can cost people their job.

*Name has been changed.