101 Culmore Clinic Patients: Vision + Hearing Screening

Last week, at the Thursday Clinic session, Culmore Clinic and Lions Club International Virginia District 24-A co-hosted a Sight and Hearing Mobile Screening Day at The Clinic Site. 

hearing screening .png

101 Clinic patients received basic hearing, vision and glaucoma testing in the Lions’ Club van, parked on The Clinic site.  Lions’ Club provided reading glasses patients in need as a result of the screening. Culmore Clinic provided volunteer medical staff, receptionists and interpreters (5) to serve patients.

Patients who failed vision and hearing tests were referred to further resources and Culmore Clinic will follow their needs. In the summary below, you’ll note that the rate of vision failure is staggering.  The Lion’s Club representatives commented that never had they seen such a level of need. Culmore Clinic is in the right place at the right time.  

screening results .png