We’re Fighting Diabetes a Dozen Patients at a Time

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Culmore Clinic Offering Group Visits

The prevalence of adults diagnosed with diabetes has soared over the past 30 years. At the current growth rate, 1 in 3 people will develop diabetes in the U.S. by 2050 and a recent study suggests diabetes is even deadlier than we thought.

There is significant evidence showing that Group Visits or shared medical appointments (SMA) improve patient outcomes, reduce healthcare cost, reduce hospital visits and improve patient/provider relationships more than individual visits. As such, in late May, 2017, Culmore Clinic will implement Group Visits with a group of 8-12 patients over a six-month period. 

A Certified Diabetic Educator will facilitate each shared medical appointment with a dedicated group of diabetic patients over a six-month period. These patients will be scheduled for SMA during regular Clinic hours. While in the group, patients will receive diabetes education, group discussion, and appropriate management from a provider. Management includes baseline readings and monitoring for the following key indicators (as per the American Diabetes Association Protocol) Hemoglobin A1c, LDL, Blood pressure, Urine microalbumin. 

As always, this program is only possible due to our partners! George Mason University School of Nursing has a lead partnership role in helping to develop the program and providing a Certified Diabetes Education to lead the Groups. The Columbia Baptist Food Pantry will provide bags of groceries to participants.  To further support patient engagement, SMA/Group participants will receive diabetes test meters and strips for free.

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Want to learn more about this program, fund it or volunteer with it? Email us at info@culmoreclinic.org