We Must Meet Our Patients Where They Are

While interpreting for a patient, one of our team members reaffirmed the importance of meeting each patient we see, where they are:

I was interpreting for one of our providers and found myself repeating over and over again the instructions regarding the medications and its importance to a patient. Once the patient and I left the exam room, the patient looked at me and said, “I don’t know why the Nurse Practitioner says my condition is so serious. The pill she gave me is very small.“  

I realized that the patient still did not understand the seriousness of her condition because she did not fully understand how pills work. I escorted her to the Nursing Station to receive further understanding of medicine. 

At Culmore Clinic we pride ourselves in taking the time with each and every one of our patients, to build trust and compassion so we are better able to serve them and their healthcare.