We “#GoRed” All Year Long

wear red day.png

We are happy to support #NationalWearRedDay to help raise awareness for women’s heart disease and all the ways to prevent one of the most common illnesses faced by The Clinic patients, the majority of whom are women. #GoRed

Here is one of hundreds of stories about how we help women prevent heart disease all year round:


A 61 year-old woman from Somalia sought care for sudden pain in her left eye and a persistent cough. She arrived with her son who heard about #CulmoreClinic from friends. Through an Arabic interpreter (supplied by The Clinic), the patient was able to tell the staff that she has a history of high blood pressure and other health problems and that she could not afford blood pressure medication. Her Clinic exam showed many possible causes for her poor health and numerous tests had to be ordered including blood tests, X-Rays, cat scans, and an MRI of her brain.

The patient received a prescription for her blood pressure which she filled at Walmart at a low cost. After several months of tests, the patient was found to have lesions on her lung and possible neurological problems in her head. The patient was referred to a neuro-surgeon and pulmonary doctor, both of whom volunteer through the Northern Virginia Medical Society. All of the tests and specialty care are being provided to the patient at no cost. Her care is monitored carefully by The Clinic staff.