Volunteer of the Month (September): Patty Holley

patty votm.png

Patty is Culmore Clinic’s “go-to-gal” so is particularly deserving of the Volunteer of the Month honor! And, today happens to be her birthday, so all the more reason to celebrate her! Patty’s official title at The Clinic is Volunteer Manager/Special Projects, but it’s impossible to classify her into one category. Her work with us, which is all volunteer, seems never ending. Whether it’s figuring out how to best deliver our prayer support to our diverse population in a sensitive, non-intrusive manner, or connecting Culmore Clinic to others in her social justice circle, or managing our bills and preparing our financial reporting, Patty’s fingerprints can be found all over The Clinic. 

We love Patty and hope you will help us in celebrating her work (and her birthday) this month with a comment below!