Volunteer of the Month - June/July

caroline june jiuly.png

Caroline Hillkirk is truly dedicated to Culmore Clinic patients and to her volunteer roles as Manager of Interpreter Services and Spanish Medical Interpreter. The job of an interpreter involves precision, ethics, and the utmost confidentiality, and these are responsibilities Caroline takes very seriously. As a trained medical interpreter, Caroline is required to accurately facilitate direct communication between patient and provider, while taking into consideration cultural distinctions as well.

Caroline’s skills were especially noticeable after a recent patient visit she translated. Caroline noticed that the patient was using words that diminished the severity of a health issue. Caroline expressed her concerns to the provider and at the next visit, the provider broadened discussions with the patient to provide additional care. True to form, Caroline both preserved the strict ethics of interpretation, and stepped forward to advocate for a patient in need.

Congrats, Caroline and thank you for your service!

Check back in July for our next Volunteer of the Month!