Volunteer of the Month - Cynthia Gorostiaga

Every month we honor a volunteer for whom we couldn’t function without! This month, we honor Cynthia Gorostiaga, one of our priceless clinic interpreters.

cynthia votm.png

Cynthia Gorostiaga is a freelance translator and interpreter. She has worked both in-house and as a contractor with most of the international organizations of the Washington area, as well as with the US Department of State. Ms. Gorostiaga was educated in Asuncion, Paraguay and later in Washington, D.C. She received a Certificate of Proficiency in Translation from Georgetown University, where she also completed the coursework for a Certificate of Proficiency in Interpretation. In addition to being bilingual in English and Spanish, she is also fluent in Portuguese.

Her hobbies have to do with music: playing piano, dancing, singing. Her favorite thing about working for the Culmore Clinic is the professionalism of everyone she works with, as well as the rewarding experience of helping people who otherwise would not be able to communicate.


Want to volunteer with us? Email us at volunteer@culmoreclinic.org.