Undocumented Workers Going Underground Given the Political Climate, Harmful to Their Health

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In the wake of constant anti-immigrant fears stoked by Donald Trump, many of Northern Virginia’s undocumented workers are keeping a lower profile. Since the beginning of the campaign season, Culmore Clinic has seen a decline in the amount of undocumented patients coming in for treatment.

“Most undocumented workers have really gone underground, especially since Donald Trump has gained support,” says Terry O'Hara Lavoie, Co-Founder and Executive Director. 

“When you see people in real life who are suffering and going without treatment for serious health problems because they are scared, it’s very upsetting,” 

says Lavoie whose grandparents she admits were originally “illegal” immigrants from Ireland. While The Clinic does not ask patients whether or not they are documented, we have a good sense of who is and who isn’t.