The addition of our GYNOCart will prevent cervical cancer in many.


Of the patients Culmore Clinic sees annually, approximately 160 of them are women between the ages of 21 and 64 and recommended to have regular cervical cancer screenings. Up until last month, Culmore Clinic was unable to provide these women with pap smears on premises. The Clinic was forced to do preventative screenings through our referral network of GYN specialists, who were limited to only 3 patients a month. We knew we had to begin providing Pap tests onsite but it involved very expensive, necessary equipment known as a GYNOCart. The Clinic set a goal to solve this problem, and the response from the community has been overwhelming. Maximus Foundation stepped up with a $5,000 grant. Thanks to countless volunteer hours of research, we finally found a used cart on eBay that we could afford. Since the cart’s arrival, our partners at Quest Diagnostics and Fairfax County Health Department have agreed to run lab tests and dispose of medical waste at a significantly reduced fee.

Now, we are able to implement regular monthly pap screenings for our patients in house, and send only the more complicated GYN issues to our referral specialists. This will help prevent cervical cancer and various other cervical diseases for women in our area.