Patient Profile: Tracy’s Story

tracys stpry.png

Tracy* had been experiencing issues urinating for weeks. She knew she needed to see a doctor but with no insurance, it didn’t seem like a possibility. Tracy’s issues became so severe that she went to the emergency room twice to get her bladder drained. Trips to the emergency room were expensive but Tracy saw no alternative.

Tracy then found out about Culmore Clinic. After meeting with one of our physicians she was referred for further tests with our partners at Fairfax Radiology. Their free radiology services revealed a tumor in her urinary tract. After a simple outpatient procedure, with our partner Inova Health System, Tracy’s issue was quickly resolved.

Stories like Tracy’s are the backbone of Culmore Clinic. Many of our patients have medical issues that are easily treatable but are left unaddressed due to financial concerns. Through your financial support, and the help of our partners, we were able to easily treat Tracy’s condition. Donate today so we can continue to provide “Care for All.”

We wouldn’t have been able help Tracy without your support. Donate today

*Name has been changed.