Patient Profile: Sarah’s Story

sarahs story.png

We would love for all our patients to leave Culmore Clinic with a clean bill of health but unfortunately, that is not always possible. When we referred Sarah* to our partners at Fairfax Radiology, her tests came back positive for Cancer.

Cancer is a heartbreaking diagnosis- especially for our patients who are uninsured and often working paycheck to paycheck. When Sarah returned to The Clinic she was visibly “overwhelmed and devastated.” After requesting our prayer support she was quickly connected to our Prayer Minister Coordinator who led her downstairs to pray.

Each prayer is private and unique so we don’t know the details of Sarah’s appointment. What we do know is once she returned to the lobby she had visibly changed. The clinic staff noticed the difference- Sarah left the clinic with relief, fullness and hope. She was stronger and held her head up high.

Sarah’s experience isn’t standard because there isn’t a standard prayer support session. Not everyone uses the service and out of those who do, not all patients have the same response as Sarah. Our prayer support is simply an opportunity for us to help our patients carry the burden of their diagnosis.

*Name has been changed.