How Low Can We Go? Diabetes Classes Help Lower Blood Glucose!

Guest blog by Gloria Gibrael, our wonderful MPH Student volunteer!


Diabetes and pre-diabetes affects almost 115 million people in the United States right now. Many of our own patients at Culmore Clinic are affected by diabetes or pre-diabetes, and we are striving to help them manage their diabetes through monthly diabetes classes.

Every third Thursday of the month, we are holding a diabetes class led by a certified and experienced diabetes nurse educator. These classes have included discussions about nutrition, exercise, portion sizes, meal planning, and medications. Class participants are free to ask any questions they have about diabetes and discuss lifestyle with the nurse educator.

Studies have shown that these diabetes classes (sometimes called shared medical appointments) have helped diabetes patients lower their blood glucose levels, lose weight, and overall manage their disease better.

We’ll be keeping you updated on our classes and how our patients are doing! To learn more, please contact us at