Getting Our “Type” On!

type on.png

Last Thursday, Hile Rutledge of OKA led staff through a training on the Myers-Briggs type indicator as a way to build organizational strength as Culmore Clinic prepares for growth and change in the coming year.  Learning of the intensive volunteer engagement in Culmore Clinic, Hile, one of America’s most respected trainers in both the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and EQ-i® assessment instruments and the author of numerous books on organizational development, donated his time for the session! Staff were energized by the session and are looking forward to Part 2 in November. Culmore Clinic wishes to thank Hile as well as the Philip L. Graham Fund, which is funding staff development and support as part of its $40,000 grant to make possible the implementation of a new Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system to enhance The Clinic’s patient services and increase organizational efficiency.

For more information on Hile Rutledge and all of the incredible work he does for organizations, please visit this link