Blessed Sacrament Students Confirmation Class Visit

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of giving a tour to the confirmation class from Blessed Sacrament. The class was shown the clinic facilities, observed a day of clinic operations, and later wrote letters to new Culmore Clinic patients. One of our prayer ministers and one of our counselors spoke with them about what they do and how they help patients.

We believe that it’s crucial to teach the next generation about volunteering, about what interfaith organizations can do together, and about community resources. By observing Culmore Clinic, the Blessed Sacrament students were able to see a different approach to community healthcare and perhaps spark some interest in them regarding careers in community healthcare.

Here are some great photos of the day:

terry talking to bsac.png
bsac boys smile.png
basc kids sitting.png
bsac kids posing.png