All Are Welcome and Needed

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Every day we celebrate our diversity and embrace our similar values. At Culmore Clinic we do not just welcome those of different faiths, we understand that we would not be who we are without them.

When you enter our clinic, the first thing you see is a giant sign that reads “WELCOME” in Arabic, Farsi, Spanish and Vietnamese. These are the languages that are most often spoken within our interfaith and intercultural clinic. 

Our foundation is built on the commitment of people with different faiths. We were started by 2 Catholic women who started talking to neighboring congregations about a staggering rate of uninsured adults in the area. What resulted was a health clinic that opened in a mosque, moved to a county facility, and then with the help of the Anglicans, moved to a Baptist church where it operates today with the support of sixteen different ChristianJewish and Muslim congregations.

We are only able to offer our community free and low-cost compassionate healthcare because of the support of our our interfaith partnerships and we are grateful for them everyday.