A Graceful Gesture During a Somber Time

september time.png

Above is a picture of our Nurse Practicioner Maura Constance (left) and Nurse Manager Raquel Tun (right), each with bouquets given to them by Syrian refugee patients.

Culmore Clinic has been meeting the medical needs of a Syrian refugee couple. Despite what this couple must be going through, last week, they took the the time and effort to show their gratitude.  We think this is a beautiful bit of grace.  

We see a lot of grace at Culmore Clinic.  It’s not uncommon for patients to bring in food for staff, or to help each other.  We’re reminded of a time that one patient covered the registration donation for another patient.  One patient was unable to make a donation, and that would have been fine for Culmore Clinic. However, the second patient insisted that they cover the donation because they wanted to pay it forward. Our patients know we give them a lot and they want to give as well.