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Specialists Needed & Found


Aatifa, a 43-year-old single mother of three from Eritrea, came to the Culmore Clinic. Aatifa had no means to pay for medical care for a fractured foot and ankle that had caused her severe pain for the past 3 months. Culmore Clinic referred her for an MRI and orthopedic doctor. After evaluating her, the orthopedic doctor asked one of his friends, a podiatrist, to also examine her at no cost and suggest a treatment plan. Since her treatment, Aatifa has had little to no pain and is able to keep up with her children. Aatifa’s case is just one of over 50 patients in 2009 that Culmore Clinic referred to specialty physicians who volunteer through the Northern Virginia Medical Society.

Peace of Mind


Culmore Clinic offers low-cost lab tests and free radiology screenings such as CAT scans, sonograms, and MRIs, which are all donated from local companies. For Adolfina, an immigrant from Peru, a test result meant the relief of severe anxiety. At age 35 Adolfina had been diagnosed and with a brain tumor that eventually resolved. 4 years after that ordeal, Adolfina came to the Culmore Clinic because she was worried that the tumor may have come back. For weeks she had not been able to sleep and suffered from constant anxiety. The Clinic was able to refer Adolfina for an MRI that, thankfully, came back negative. Adolfina was able to resume her life, free from worry and stress.

Sharing Resources to Fight Disease


Nearly 1 out of every 4 young women who come to Culmore Clinic have been told they have an abnormal mammogram. These mammograms are performed elsewhere in the community but require follow-up treatment. Culmore Clinic admits these patients for their basic medical care and coordinates the necessary biopsy, surgery, and oncology care as needed. Without Culmore Clinic these women would delay treatment until they could find a doctor, which could mean that any cancer they might have, would worsen.

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