New Executive Director Search


With the successful completion of our first strategic planning stage, Culmore Clinic asks for your help in finding our next leader! In 2017, Allison Colby took on the position of Interim Executive Director, using her medical background and deep knowledge of Culmore Clinic’s operational affairs to increase and refine services as well as access to compassionate, high quality medical care for uninsured adults. By all measures, this first horizon of our strategic plan was met with phenomenal success.

As planned, it is now time for Allison to return to medical practice and lead clinical operations, and for Culmore Clinic to find a new Executive Director to take on our second strategic planning horizon. This stage will focus on organizational growth and ensure long-term financial predictability so we can continue to expand services and access to care for our neighbors in need.

This second stage will lead to Culmore Clinic’s third and final horizon: the establishment of a full time, patient centered medical home for all in Bailey’s Crossroads. This Executive Director should have a background in fundraising, nonprofit operations, and interfaith work. A medical background is helpful but not necessary. 

Does this sound like someone you know? Please pass on this job description to them. Thank you for helping us continue to serve our neighbors in need.