Wine Tasting Sponsor Highlight: Linda & Tom Jouvenis

This year’s International Food & Wine Tasting event is coming up on June 22nd. It wouldn’t be possible without our generous donors like Linda and Tom Jouvanis. To honor their generosity, we’d like to share a bit more about them! If you’re interested in being an event sponsor, please get in touch!

Tom and Linda Jouvanis

Tom and Linda Jouvanis

Linda Jouvanis is an active member of the Events Subcommittee for the Culmore Clinic. She and her husband Tom are also members of Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church.

When asked to share a little about themselves, Tom composed this story for us:

On a fateful night in January, Linda went out to celebrate her girlfriend’s birthday at Club Elán in Houston, Texas.  “I really wasn’t in the mood to go out that night,” Linda would later say. “But, they just kept nagging me so much that I relented.”

Tom saw Linda across the room.  BAM, he was struck! They danced all night. Talked all night.  Laughed all night. By the end of the night and ever since, Tom could think of nothing else but Linda.  

Linda stole Tom’s heart and Tom stole Linda from her Texican family. After a few u-turns, the east coast became their new home where they raised their Greexican family. Tom, Linda and their then teenage daughter, Adriana, finally settled in Northern Virginia where they have resided since 1995.  Since then, they have welcomed their loving son-in-law, Andy, into the family. And, a few years later, two very energetic grandboys, Leo and Eli, came along.

Through their journey together, Linda and Tom overcame a number of challenges and are better for it. They feel blessed.

Culmore Clinic has been a joy to support!  Linda and Tom believe in sharing their good fortune with others. They believe that everyone deserves to be happy, healthy, enjoy a good glass of wine and dance.

We are so thankful to donors like Linda and Tom, whose contributions allow us to serve the Bailey’s Crossroads community and fulfill our commitment to care for all. Thank YOU, Linda and Tom!